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Clinton campaign says it’s looking for new donors

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is looking for more than a few new donors as the presumptive Democratic nominee looks to build on her campaign’s success in the battleground state of Florida.

The campaign on Tuesday announced a $100,000 contribution limit, and the campaign said it is also planning to raise money through an online crowdfunding campaign.

The new limit for donors is $2,700 per donor, according to the Clinton campaign.

Clinton is hoping to raise $150 million from donors who have pledged at least $200 to her campaign.

“Hillary is looking to increase the amount of money we can raise through online crowdfunding in order to give voters a chance to see and hear from our candidates,” said Stephanie Cutter, the campaign’s digital director.

“The campaign is also looking to expand our ability to get new donors in by partnering with local organizations that need help with the hiring of more staff and by partnering directly with local communities.”