How to be a winner in the virtual locker room

Sep 27, 2021 PHP

A virtual hug with a friend can go a long way to helping you get through a rough patch, even if you don’t have the means to afford the pricey equipment.

Here’s how to get a virtual hug from a friend, and find out how to do it without going through the hassle of buying one. 


Choose your friend.

You need a friend to hug you, so choose one with whom you’ll share a virtual locker.

If you don’ have a virtual teammate, use one of the virtual huggers available at places like and other sites that offer the ability to share virtual locker rooms.


Choose who you’re going to hug.

Most huggers come with a virtual assistant to help you make the best decisions.

But if you already have a friend or a friend of a friend who will do the same thing for you, you can pick a virtual partner.


Choose the right amount of time.

Your virtual hug will take about five to 10 minutes, depending on how much time you’re willing to spend hugging, and how many people you’re hugging.


Choose a virtual object.

A hug is a great way to start a conversation, but you should be sure to choose a physical object that is comfortable and easy to hold.


Choose whether to hug yourself, someone else, or both.

To start, choose a hug that doesn’t involve your physical body.

For example, if you’re having a rough day, choose one that involves both you and your friend, such as a virtual dog hug.

This hug can be used to ask for a hug from the virtual dog.


Make sure you’re not alone.

While you’re waiting for the hug to start, you’ll probably want to get to know your virtual buddy.

To do that, ask them for a virtual treat.

Pick the person who will be the only person you hug, and ask the person to give you a virtual snack.

The person who gives the virtual treat will usually get a hug, too.


Hug your buddy, or give the virtual food to someone else.

After you’ve shared a virtual kiss, it’s time to get your virtual friend to give your virtual food, too, so that you can share a hug.

Don’t wait too long, though, and your virtual hug won’t go so well.

You’ll need to take more than one virtual hug at a time.

When you’re done, your virtual partner will hug you.


Have fun.

And if you want to keep a virtual pet, try putting your virtual pet in a virtual container.

A virtual pet is more of a novelty than a physical pet.

For some people, the virtual pet gives them a sense of security, a way to show off how much they care about someone, such like an otter.


Be prepared for some awkwardness.

Although most virtual hug gestures are designed to be pleasant and fun, some can be awkward or even offensive.

For example, when you hug someone in the shower, you’re showing them that you care about them, but they might not necessarily want to go to the bathroom.

Or if you hug your dog in the morning, you might want to be careful not to put a virtual collar around your dog’s neck.

You can find out if your virtual companion is a little too sensitive, or if they’re too demanding.


Know the difference between a virtual and physical hug.

When you’re talking about your virtual dog, you don”t necessarily mean it in a physical way.

Instead, you mean the dog as a friend.

For instance, a virtual “virtual dog” is a virtual friend that you share with you in a similar way to a real friend.

A real friend may want to share a physical hug with you, but a virtual buddy is a real hug.

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