NFL virtual tour of NFL stadiums is on the way, NFL CEO says

Aug 10, 2021 Quick CGI

NEW YORK — The NFL’s virtual tour to help fans find the right seats for the home game is going to begin on Sunday.NFL Vice President of Product Development David J. Katz said Wednesday that the league has a plan to expand the virtual tour in 2018.

That’s when the teams will have to make sure that the stadium’s capacity allows for the viewing experience.

This will be the first time that a virtual tour will be used at a professional sporting event, Katz said.

That includes the Super Bowl, the NFL All-Star Game, the World Series, the AFC Championship, the Super Regional and the National Championship.

The virtual tour is currently only available at a few of the league’s stadiums.

In the case of the NFL’s first Super Bowl stadium in 2002, the only way to watch the game on the big screen was by taking the virtual plane from Los Angeles to New York, Katz told reporters Wednesday.

Katz noted that the NFL has also launched a VR experience for the 2019 World Series and the 2018 NFL All Star Game.

In addition to giving fans a virtual experience, Katz says the virtual experience will also allow the teams to plan ahead to meet fans and build relationships during the season.

The teams will also use the virtual travel experience to track fans and track attendance.

This will allow teams to track how many people are actually in their stadiums, Katz added.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for fans to come and experience what the game is like on the field,” Katz said during the NFL CEO’s annual meeting at the Barclays Center.

“The key is that we want to give fans a real-time, virtual experience.”

Katz said the virtual experiences are a way to connect fans to the NFL, and they will also help with ticket sales.

The NFL plans to introduce the virtual tours to a few stadiums by 2020.

It will likely start in the West Coast and then move to some of the East Coast and South America.

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